Who keeps reading something over and over they think is boring? My old driver has a loud, high-pitched pop sound when it strikes the ball. I could only find a weight limit on the ball therefore if you you use the formula you provided from your source the theoretical smash factor is 2. I then hit about five more shots with each club and they were hit in the same order. The penalty for off center hits is minimal compared to most drivers. Watson has historically played a cast wedge, most recently gaming three Ping Glide 2. When you change face loft you also change the face angle, so trying all the various combinations with a professional fitter is a must.

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Ian Jan 6, at Callaway launches new Mack Daddy 4 wedges.

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Drivers

Your G35 will be released next year as well. Those are averages, big bertha 815 should work on your reading comprehension.

News 1 week ago. Second I have played Titleist in the past and found them to be unforgiving in both feel and distance. Tour News 2 weeks ago.

Less expensive and better shape than I could have received from Global Golf. Nobody is trying to discredited your source Big bertha 815, only the limited and finite manner in which you are applying the information your source provides.

I went from shooting back to the that I used to shoot. Big bertha 815 Beckett Oct 4, at 4: I could also go on about the lighter Forged Composite crown that you know and love from past Callaway drivers, big bertha 815 the gist of all this is that the classy looking head sound and feels great with that unique combination of titanium and graphite sound that makes Callaway drivers stand out.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Hence why Callaway berthha named this version of the driver, big bertha 815 it is an even lower bbertha version of the Alpha in a cc head. I big bertha 815 hit about five more shots with each club and they were hit in the same order. The original Alpha sits in between the and the DBD for spin, hence why the Alpha is being discontinued, but the higher spinning standard blue headed Big Bertha is maintained in the range for Omni Tucson National Golf Resort.

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In earlyCallaway released the Big Bertha Alpha driver. Some golfers need a driver with a low center of gravity, while others need a driver with a higher center of gravity.

He was thinking about getting it as an upgrade from his xhot. And this really sums up what the Alpha is all about. The reason I mention the short driver is because it requires a lot more big bertha 815 head weight to obtain a proper swing weight and would be very easy for someone with the right impact conditions to achieve a SF above 1.

It is a premium piece of equipment with big bertha 815 choice of 3 adjustable variables in sole weight, hosel and gravity core that big bertha 815 enable moderate to high swing speed players to fine tune it to suit their needs.

ClubTest 2015: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

With my big bertha 815 swing I was getting a low level big bertha 815 rpm ball spin, but with a good launch angle and using that upward strike the distance was very good.

Vertha outliers — those one or two shots that were radically different from the eight or nine other shots — were then deleted to create these averages below.

This club is awesome when you’re big bertha 815 well and forgiving when you’re not. Its all just so much horse manure for the average golfer who will not, cannot, and would not buy a new driver every other month.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review – Golfalot

Any comments to help would be welcome. Extremely flexible and forgiving. Every driver should have this. Buy the V Series in the In conclusion to settle big bertha 815 once and bertba all with you MHendon, what Dave is saying is that for a driver head weight of g and 5 degrees of loft or at 10 degrees of loft and g of head big bertha 815, both achieve a 1.

big bertha 815 I finally broke par by shooting a 70 User Reviews August 28th. Some people, for example, need to increase loft to increase their launch angle, but they generate too much backspin and end up hitting the ball too high, causing a loss of distance.