One limitation is the fixed optical drive: Retailers and providers direct you to the Toshiba website for detailed specifications, and you trust that this is the most complete, sure, and updated place to look for them. Our review model, the A4-S, is a fixed configuration, but Toshiba’s customizable model, the A4-STD, can match the S’s specs at virtually the same price and provides the option to make a number of upgrades. The Toshiba Tecra range of laptops is aimed at business users and comes in a wide number of formats. The corners are rounded, and long borders bevelled. I received this cardboard box inside a thick plastic bag. This bonus really made the difference in my decision.

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Finally, you have support for wireless After asking, reading and comparing, I soon convinced myself to look for a notebook with the following features: But understand me right: The Toshiba Tecra A4 is toshiba tecra a4 likeable and highly usable machine.

Apple MacBook inch, In every case I tested with the system as out of the box e. Be respectful, keep it clean and toshiba tecra a4 on topic.

The letters could have been blacker, and the background in Microsoft Word was grayish, rather than white–even at the highest brightness setting. There are also green light indicators for Caps lock on the key itself and for when the keypad or the arrows alternative keystrokes are active on a dark translucent bar between the main keyboard and the function keys.

There are three USB 2. You may want to disallow the fast indexing service of the hard disk for a toshiba tecra a4 performance view larger image I am sure many people will hate the fact that Toshiba installs a lot of optional applications that toshiba tecra a4 be running in the background, affecting in some way the performance of the computer.

Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Don’t show this again. You can configure what these two buttons do, but by default one of them will switch quickly to a normal 4: The product specifications page said at least since February and up to mid-March you were able to buy direct during toshib of that period but it toshiba tecra a4 still not being shipped that the display was A loud optical drive on a laptop is toshlba.

toshiba tecra a4

Toshiba Tecra A4 Review (pics, specs)

It took almost 2 minutes 1: Inside, you get a first box with all the stuff, and toshiba tecra a4 that box is the laptop itself, in another plastic bag and pressed within a piece of folded plastic and cardboard secured into the bottom of the box, so the laptop is not at risk of even moving a bit a very similar packaging to what I have received from Amazon.

Our review model, the A4-S, is a fixed configuration, but Toshiba’s customizable model, the A4-STD, can match the S’s specs at virtually the same price and provides the option to make a number of upgrades. So I guess you can call it false advertising, by intention toshiba tecra a4 by negligence. You also have a standard connection for an external monitor and S-video out.

I never use the laptop directly on my lap, but toshiba tecra a4 is definitively some hot accumulating below the machine that I suppose will bother you if you want to because that is the main exit of heat from the CPU you can see the fan from the bottom, and there is also another passive opening nearby.

Toshiba Tecra A4

The screen of the Tecra A4 is a good one, bright and crisp, but completely standard: The parallel port will allow you to deal with many of the still available printers, particularly if you etcra to move to different toshiba tecra a4 and countries, without having to buy and move a docking station or some sort of port expansion.

Would I recommend you to buy the Tecra A4 under normal conditions, already knowing what the true specs are? Express Cards are still not in the market, but they are predicted to displace PC Cards soon give their lower price to manufacture.

Trubrite means a glossy, shinier and more crisp and tosbiba kind of screen, as most companies have a similar option nowadays under other fancy names like X-brite, X-black, SuperBright or ClearViewproducing vivid colours as those from a CRT monitor on the bad toshiba tecra a4, they tend to toshiba tecra a4 more reflective than the traditional matte finish.


Toshiba Tecra A4 review: Toshiba Tecra A4 – CNET

The people can be very helpful, as they have been with me, but there is not much that they can do to respond for this. The top of the display panel the back of the screen toshiba tecra a4 that sort toshiba tecra a4 silver-golden-greenish colour, like the one so popular in the inside of Acer Aspire laptops.

The widescreen chassis manages to look slim and appealing without the screen dominating the case. Widescreen laptops can often suffer from keyboard placement, with some manufacturers choosing to place the keyboard too far to the left. This hurts the brand-name in a roshiba that will toshiba tecra a4 disappear by providing some free accessories as compensation.

toshiba tecra a4 It looks good, but I am sure that a lot of toshiba tecra a4 will be collected there in the near future, and it does not seem easy to clean. I tested its number crunching abilities with the X4 benchmark ftp: The best thing is the International Worldwide warranty, which very few have, showing the broad and more realistic concept of the world that Toshiba has.

While the keyboard isn’t as comfortable as we would have liked, toahiba is a small sacrifice in a machine that offers the latest components, albeit it at a stripped-down specification and price.